Polaris is a name of our kennel, which was created in 1982 and registered at the registration number 971/82. On beginning we breeded only great danes, later belgian sheepdogs and golden retrievers. During this years we had some dogs of other races but it’s another history and about this theme will be later.


Unfortunately 12.03.2011, after a long illness died foundress our breeding – my mom Grażyna Frost. I can write a lot about her, but I'll write only, that she had loved dogs more than her live and dogs ware allways all-important for her. Even when she was sick, between stays in hospital, she went on the dog shows and had litters, later when she hadn't more energy she allways asked about dogs and took care about them. In December 2010 we decided that I took kennel name and all dogs and we tearfully started new chapter in our breeding life. Now life must go on and I know that I don't imagine my life without dogs and I owe this passion to my mom. Dogs were in my life and will be...

In memory of

In memory of...

Grażyna Frost *02.07.1956 +12.03.2011





























The dogs from our kennel have a lot of titles Polish Champion, Junnior Champion, Club Winners, Junnior Club Winners and a lot of Best of Breed and Show Winners. But our pride was brindle female great dane GRETA GERMANIA Polaris which had European Winner’93.


Since 2002 our belgian sheepdogs are leadres in Poland. Our kennel received title of Best Breeding in Poland 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2017 and 2018. In 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2019 we were second. Our females received titles The Best Breeding Female in Poland: GRACJA z Leśnego Maneżu – 2002, BRUKSELA Polaris – 2003, 2004, CAYENNE Polaris – 2005 and 2008. WERONICA MARS Polaris -- 2014 and Donatrix YAMAYA  -- 2017. In 2006 and 2007 CAYENNE was third. In rivalry of The Best Stud Male our DREIK Polaris received II places in 2004, 2006, 2007. In 2018 our import male Mucius HURRICAN was The Best Stud Male in Poland! In 2019 progeny from YAMANTAKA Polaris in finish kennel Ketunpolun won for us title The Best Tervueren Breeding Female in Finland 2019. Anyway 2019 was Tervueren year for us. For the first time we had tervueren breeding group on polish club show and we won title The Best Tervueren Kennel in Poland 2019 and JOLLY ROGER Polaris was The Best Terveren Breeing Female in Poland 2019!  


The following story from this section was writing by my mom in 25 th anniversary of the breeding. I hope to write another chapter for the next 25 years...


25 years was passing in this year...


Now a little bit about a history...


My adventure with the kynology started in 1978. Father’s friend presented me Black as a tar german sheepdog female ARISA Ulubiona (ELAN ze Złotej Sahary x CYRA z Kozłowej Doliny). She was nice and beautiful dog. She had a lot of excellent notes and breeding qualifications. Because of her I knew and loved dog show. But one night 12.12.1979 my first and big dog – love, my ARISA has died. She was killed by car in the street. It was traumatic experience for me.

ARISA Ulubiona:








On 1980 I bought my first great dane female – GIAURA Rubin – Tor (CH.DE. ECKART v.d. Brentjes x SYLWIA SALOME Pacyfik). It was very beautiful female with good character. The dog showing of GIAURA was great pleasure and satisfaction for young exhibitor as me in this time. I registered my kennel and I had big matting plan. Unfortunately the first stud dog, import from Geramny – yellow BONNY v.Goldborn didin’t matte our GIAURA. Next time, on Autumn DEVIL v.d. Erle hadn’t power to matting. Because of not good experience with BONY in last time, I had the reserve male. It was MAGNAT Jaspis. MAGNAT matted GIAURA but from this combination there were not puppies. GIAURA was empty, after next 6 months I Mattel GIAURA by JUMBO JET Pacyfik (FULL Santana x COMA PAT Santana) and my first long time expectated puppies were born. My first litter – 5 babies. But bad luck was still and whole litter died. The babies were ill. It was virus CDV, which epidemic was in the village where I lived.
         GIAURA Rubin – Tor:










The run of bad luck was finished on spring 1984. GIAURA was matted by JUMBO JET again and she gave birth of 12 puppies. To breeding stayed only 7 – it was B-litter and start to exhibit and to appear the dog from Polaris in dogshows. Well – known dogs from B-litter were: BURATION BOY, BAHIR BEY and BARLETTA ZUZANNA. They were show winners. BAHIR BEY was first stud dog from my kennel and he was father of 3 litters in other kennels. 














On August I went to Czechoslovakia and I bought fawn male MARCO Odeon CS. He had very interesting pedigree, a lot of celebrated and famous ancestors – German Winner GOLDENBOY v.Old Bavaria, Europa Winners QUANTO v.Schloss Lauphein and JANOS des Terres de la Rairie and World Winner PERLANE des Terres de la Rairie. MARCO had perfect body, very strong bones and strong in good proportion head, but not elegant.


















In 1985 GIAURA was matted to SULTAN Tristan (DEVIL v.d.Erle x KAMELIA Pacyfik) and she was mother of 4 puppies. This litter was the Best litter of GIAURA. Two beautiful males CELIX CYNTUS and CENZUS CENT got to people who wasn't interested in dog exposition. In the same year the new female was coming to kennel. It was ERATO ELBA Pacyfik. I had big breeding hope of this female, but it was only hope. ERATO was nice and good female, but she hadn’t big show achievement and trouble with fertility.












In 1986 GIAURA was matted of MAGNAt JASPIS again but she was again empty. MAGNAT was barren. Next year from conection GIAURA x MARCO were born 10 puppies – 6 to breeding. The Best DON DIEGO didin’t show and his owner disappointed me. DOLAR DUX from this litter had 2xCAC and He was sold to Italy, where he played in movies as actor-star.




















1988 is in my memory not pleasure time. GIAURA – my first great dane was old and ill and I musted to decide about sleeping her. It was very unpleasant and paintful experience for me.


Today, in Internet time, on this page is possible to say all dogs, which have some part oneself in my breeding. You can see their litters and show notes. All my dogs – this beautiful with title and that without titles were in my heart and my memory to the end of the chapter. I owed start my breeding to them and thanks great danes for this way sometime diffiicult sometime a lot of joy.


In 1995 the first belgian sheepdog – groenendael was coming to our kennel. By chance, after speeking with breeder of Z Leśnego Maneżu, we went to her and took one year old female GRACJA z Leśnego Maneżu. In this time it was not popular race in Poland, very rarely to meeting. We hadn’t Any contact with race but GRACJA supriced us of many reason. The female didin’t know anything, Home, street, people were unknow things for Her. But she learnt very quickly and for her was not problem to go to show. She liked to run away, to escaped to village, but after two hours she cameback and her eyes told me sorry for this time. My nervous atmosphere was passed. She was good partner for my daughter. As breeding female was good too. Unfortunately the first litter – A (GRACJA x BERTYN z Leśnego Maneżu) where ill for parvovirus. Only one puppy from this litter survived and went to Arlauna Kennel. The letter A was bad luck for second time. Next GRACJA’s litter were in good conditionen and quality and thanks them GRACJA recived title of Best breeding female 2002. The time is passing inexrorable… on August 2008 GRACJA was died. She was 15 years old. She was our teacher of this race, she shoved us what is the belgian sheepdog and infected us of love to belgian sheepdogs. We don’t imagine the life without belgian sheepdogs. You can see GRACJA and her next genarations and our belgian achievements on this page.


GRACJA z Leśnego Maneżu: 











Few months ago DARIA Cerasus our first golden retriever female was died. DARIA was comming to our kennel in 1997 and she was very lovely, qui et, not conflictly, she liked to play and to cuddle. She was this same as Mrs. Genowefa told us. Golden became exellent partner for our belgian and great danes because specific charakter. DARIA’s daughter – BRUNHILDA and granddaughter INDIA are in our kennel today. They are continuers of golden tradition in our breeding.





















I recollected on start about other races which were in our kennel. The world of dogs is so various and different and a lot of races so beautiful and charming. We thought to fulfilled our dreams. But sometimes its were not accurate decisions. Maybe because we didn’t know anything about this race, kennels, about breeding lines. A lot of years ago the genetic illnesses were not well-known theme. Only appearance, only exterrier was important. Today I’m more experienced breeder and I know more about breeding. I know what I expect for dog but to this knowledge I reached a conclusion by accurate or not decisions and choices during much years breeding.


My dream was to be owner majestic Saint Bernard dog, but decision about shoping was so quickly in impulse at the moment,when my husband shoped female ASTRA z Ławickiej Gawry. It was on International Dog Show i Poznan in 1995. Female was big and plush teddy bear with likable charakter and beauty,but our joy was finished on day. During morning walking ASTRA had heart attack and she was died. She was only one year old.It was traumatic feeling for All family. Second time the letter A appeared bad luck. We decided about shoping next Saint Bernard dog female CREMONA od Hamburgera.The tragedy was repeated again. CREMONA was died at heart attack too. She was 1,5 years old.We cameback with Cremona from dog show in Grudziądz. Everybody was happy because the debut was successful. She got of car and falled down. Chance for rescue was not. From this time we didn’t want dog of this race.


We have bad luck with Alaskan malamute too.We shoped female MARKIZA Arlauna in 1996, but future proved not good for us. Maxi was ill, had hide problem. It wasn’t possible to treatment because genetic basis. Decision was one-euthanasia. Painfully and sorrowfully parting with Maxi caused that I never to be Alaskan owner. I will not do it even if somebody try to force me too.
POLA z Kalinowego Ogrodu french buldog was big joy for us. She was alive a lot of years. Blind and old female was small friend of all family and other dogs.


In 1996 in our kennel was born first and last rusian terier letter from conection KATIUSZA Volarius GEJZER Ro-Da. The puppybirth became complicated and should be done caesarean section. Some hours after this operations Katiusza was died. The babies stayed alone and I musted to be mother for them. 6 puppies – TIMUR, TIERESZKOWA, TUNDRA, TATJANA, TANJA, TAJGA were 7 weeks old and they changed home. I decided I will be not breeder of Russia terier because specific charakter of this race and much work with hair and fur.

The first litter the polish sheepdogs (PON) was born in 1995 in our breeding. The parents of this litter were DAMKA ze Sto Drugiej and Ch. HARDY Księżycowa Sylena. In this litter were 4 puppies (MR MUMINEK, MOJA MIŁA, MAŁA MI I MIRABELKA). DAMKA was only female in our breeding because the practice dispolyed how difficult maintenance is PON in splendid appearance, how many work was with hair and fur. Sometime wasn’t time and intentions to do it. DAMKA had more 5 litters: and in 1996 with GAŁGAN z Matecznika Diany (NENUFAR i NARCYZ), in 1997 again with GAŁGAN was born only female PIGWA, she was PL.CH. In 1998 with SNOPEK z Kordegardy (only male ROZMARYN), and in 1999 third Times GAŁGAN was father (SZAFRAN, SOBIEPANEK, SUPEŁ, SOJA, SZUBA). Last DAMKA’s litter was in 2000 with HARNAŚ Via Solis (ANYŻ, ALOES, ANGINA)





















Dachshunds had the Ball at their feet in history on Polaris. I do retrospection in this moment and I comeback to 1986 when first female of Dachshund CRISTA Caude Canina resided with us. I had an contact with dachshunds Elary an I knew what I can to expect – big heart in small body. CRISTA had 3 litters: 1988 with GOBI Henmar (EMIL, EMMA, EDDA), 1990 and 1991 with EPOS Dragon – FUKS and GROT. I tought that it will be finish with this race in our breeding, when CRISTA called Kreska finished her breeding status. But by Chance I reseived new female from my sister – it was BONA ze Skrzaciego Lasu. She started dachshund breeding again in Polaris and left some generations.


Some days ago last dachshund breeding female BARETTA Polaris was died and this place I wrote obuta this small and joyful dogs comrades in our live.

BONA’s Litters:




28.05.2004, litter „E”, father ZEIDGEIST’S QUI PRO QUO (EMILKA i ENYA)


BONA etery time hat plentyful litters and her children had a lot of exellent notes and titles. I left to breeding BONA’s daughter HATHA JOGA. She was live with us to 2005 and that time my friends took her because they lost their female. HATHA hat litters in our kennels:

30.01.2001, litter „B”, father HAZARD z Kordegardy (BATON, BAZUKA, BARETTA, BAGIETKA, BUJDA, BUFFA)

02.08.2004, litter „G”, father ZEIGEIST’S QUI PRO QUO (GUSTAW & GRIZELDA)

24.09.2006, litter „H”, father ZEIGEIST’S QUI PRO QUO (HIREK)


The H litter was last in our breeding. From B litter we left female BARETTA With exellent body and very nice charakter. BARETTA’ s litters:

30.06.2003, litter „D”, father JACKPOT Germandach (DZIEWANNA, DZIEWOJA, DRAHMA, DAGLEZJA)



Last dachshund male imported from USA Zeigeit’s QUI PRO QUO is living at us, as older dignified gentleman…








































I recollected about a lot of dogs friends which are beyond rainbow bridge and about this which are living with us now. I must to finish my history in this moment and I must to wait for nest quarter of century. I hope that kennel Polaris will originate to new kennels and dogs from Polaris will be enjoy a good reputation and will be good friends for All familly. To this time kennel Polaris origined new kennels - AMAGAMA, DRACONIS, CORINE BENE TE, CULMENSIS, LA COMPONELLA FCI, LANQUESCO, LEOPARDUS, MAŁY KSIĄŻĘ, MAŁY SMOK, MEGAL, SALVARE, SŁONECZNY CHARBIN, UNGARO, Z ŻYCZLIWEGO DOMU, ZŁOTY JAR.


Grażyna Frost